--- Comment #7 from Hillie <> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #6)
> +1 on closing WFM. 
> Between per user customization and eventual work on bug 98255, user
> preferences are well addressed with no real advantage to these piecemeal
> changes to our legacy shortcut assignments.


One last comment (at the risk of beating a dead horse):  I mostly agree with
these points above.  I still maintain though, to me (and I may be alone :-) )
it would be optimal if the default repeat last command was easy to type because
I think users often go to it multiple times when the original command was hard
to type and required two hands (to me that is the purpose).  Ctrl+Y is better
than ctrl+shift+Y but due to the location of Y on the keyboard, it seems hard
to type ctrl+y with one hand.  To me you want to be able to move around with
one hand, making different selections while hitting repeat with the other.

Thanks to all for the comments & time!  I just customize myself so not an issue
for me and bug 98255 does look good.

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