--- Comment #3 from Bernd Wechner <> ---
I'll see your emphatic no, with an emphatic yes and raise you. ;-).

With all due respect I am happy to leave it to the design team, but if it
contributes to their consideration:

1) Implementation issues like OLE are reminiscent of a developer's perspective,
not that of user experience or marketing. It is of no consequence to an
end-user that math is some linked object and that apparently a chart, an image,
a text box, a frame etc. all are not.

2) Math is emphatically not an object but an integral part of most technical
documents every bit as much as a chart or image is and how the back-end is
implemented is not of immediate relevance to menu hierarchy here. 

3) MathML support sounds nice BTW

To answer the question "Sure you can insert an OLE Formula and trigger the Math
module, but why?"

Because your average user of such a product neither knows nor cares about this
implementation detail (triggering the Math module), just wants a minimal hassle
way of getting nicely formatted math into a document.

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