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If I may "argue" my case .... :)

> I wouldn't do so because merging/splitting cells is a feature of the table 
> and not the cell itself. The Excel solution is not necessarily the best.
I offer the examples of 'Merge cells' being included in the LO Sidebar and the
Excel Format Cells as an indication that others thought 'Merge cells' should be
available with other cell formatting tools as opposed to elsewhere.  In my use
of LO I primarily use Format Cells (Ctrl+1) as it provides a single place for
nearly all "Cell" formatting needs ... except Merge Cells.

> the Merge Cells command is present as a top level Format menu action
If 'Merge Cells' is added to Format Cells than I suggest it be removed from the
top level menu. While I hope the Text drop down menus will always be available
to explore features I find them to be an inefficient way to access features in
day to day use compared to Icon tool bars or Tool palettes like 'Format Cells'
or the Sidebar.  The usefulness of tool palettes is higher if everything needed
is at hand, hence, the enhancement request. 

> No existing panel in the Format Cells dialog is appropriate for the Merge 
> Cell actions, and not clear there would be benefit to implementing such a tab.
The request is not for a new tab but to follow Excel's lead and place 'Merge
Cells' in the Alignment Tab.  Anyone who has used Excel in the last few decades
won't be surprised by its placement in the Alignment tab.

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