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Sometimes it's not easy for me to understand why changes are done, but

(In reply to tagezi from comment #36)
> How many time will people spend to click the item from the submenu?

Almost the same, sub-menus open without click.

> It is not that there are the item in the menu or not. There are a large
> number of documents, which requires the removing of direct formatting,
> because they were made by ... Why if someone does not know how to work in
> the Writer, people who are able to work have to spend time?

If someone doesn't know she/he needs to learn, people able to work has another
quicker ways like [Ctrl+M]

> Your promotion styles, does not remove the direct formatting from the
> documents, which were made since 97 year in MSO.

I hope so.

> The problem is that the movement of the cursor or the hand of two seconds,
> poured to a quarter of an hour per a page. And when you want to remove
> direct formatting and assign a style for multi-page document, this movement
> begins to take hours.

Are you talking about removing the direct format word by word. I think it's
easy Menu/Edit/Select All [Ctrl+A]
and then
Menu/Format/Clear direct formating [Ctrl+M],
to get the whole document's body clear of direct formatting.

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