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Hi Federico,

Let me document how you can find all occurrences of 'hyperlink' in the UI, it's
the detailed explanation of my comment 7. 

First of all, I assume you have the source tree checked out. 
1. make l10ntools.all
2. make translations
3. cd workdir/pot
4. grep -r msgid * | grep -v help | tr -d '_' | tr -d '~' | grep -i hyperlink
   a. you grep for en-US strings
   b. you ignore help for the time being
   c. you remove _ and ~ characters which are markers for access keys
   d. you grep for the word hyperlink

As of now, it gives 17 occurrences. One of them is not to be replaced, it is
the HYPERLINK spreadsheet function in formula module. You can open each pot
file, and find the hyperlink word. For example:
    vi sw/uiconfig/swriter/ui.pot
You will find:
    #. cEgTe
    #: notebookbar_groups.ui
    msgctxt ""
    msgid "Hyperlink"
    msgstr ""
Now you know, that you have to replace this string in

If you have time, you can go for the help, too. You will get 211 hits in
helpcontent2 and swext (providing that you configured LibreOffice building
--with-help, and you have the helpcontent2 submodule).
grep -r msgid * | grep help | tr -d '_' | tr -d '~' | grep -i hyperlink

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