--- Comment #14 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
I personally don't care about themeing or workspace to "resemble" another
application--but that could be fertile ground from "extension/template" mavens.

Rather--realize that UI customizations currently are transient, clear the
profile and they are gone.  So having the ability to assert multiple
customizations (of Toolbar, Sidebar, module placement & state) as well .UI
based reconfiguration of dialogs/toolbars/sidebar decks, or even the new MUFFIN
experimental Notebook bar from a single transportable "UI package" is the crux
of this enhancement.

The ability to bundle ones configurations and export them as a personalized "UI
package" that could be applied on another installation would be a real step

Sure we can do similar now by copying our individual user profile and restoring
it to another system--but this takes it a step further and would allow UI
configuration to be done in a consistent (non-individualized) fashion and
applied to the profiles of other users.  Apply the package--they get a set of

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