--- Comment #15 from Gian Domenico Ceccarini <> ---
I modify the files under /filter/source/config/fragments/filters/, for example
modifying the file called 'writer8.xcu'.
I changed the string
<value xml:lang="en-US">ODF Text Document</value>
<value xml:lang="en-US">ODF Text Document (.odf)</value>
and so on for all type of files extension.

It worked! If I went to 'Tools->Option->Load/Save->General', I can saw
correctly the name of the type and the extention (ex: "ODF Text Document
But whene I open the normal 'Save As' UI I found the double extension on my
pulldown menu (ex:"ODF Text Document (.odf) (.odf)").

Does anyone can help me to find the right way?

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