--- Comment #53 from Thomas Lendo <> ---
I haven't said much in the design meeting yesterday as all was said in this
long bug report. I hope Stuart will read the comments and maybe test the
extension so that we have another opinion.

Second hope is that nobody closes this long-standing issue without knowing what
the extension already did and does (I assume that because of the comments that
were made) and what good help it is for current extension users. I explained
the problems with the extension in comment 42. And additionally: The original
author has no interest in the extension anymore.

Third, I wouldn't attach importance to the wording "template". Template, style,
document theme--nothing but smoke and mirrors. Precisely the extension is more
a "styles changer" based on a specific template file. That's wanted as core
feature in LO. (I don't know what the extension does, someone who can read the
code should evaluate that.)

I tested MSO Word 2013 and only styles (paragraph, character, list and table)
will be imported or updated. No page content, no page (style) definitions, no
pictures, no frames, no objects, no fields, no header data, no footer data, no
file properties (like title or company) will be changed or touched.

What design team should discuss at a starting point is where should the
template/style association can be edited in the GUI. (See last sentence in
comment 49 or comment 52 or last point in comment 42.)

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