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(In reply to Kenneth Hanson from comment #2)
> I strongly disagree. The ability to nest character styles is extremely
> important for complex documents. It's the only sane way to represent
> semantic or formatting considerations that are orthogonal to each other.

Can we find a good example? Something like but better than: 

* in-text citation with highlighted words.

"And she said:<i>Though shalt <b>NEVER</b> format directly!</i>, and went
away." (<i> and <b> as html-like illustration of character style 'cite' and
In the example you get NEVER in italic from cite plus bold from emphasis but I
think a direct formatting would be fine here just for simplicity of the UI. 

When you present Change and Apply (or Add) I doubt that users understand that.
Visualization could be done via tree where the second style is a children of
the first (still not easy to understand).

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