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It's a rather small bug, I'm aware of that. I know only one user case. Say, I
have small screen device (Windows Surface; iPad, or like a Macbook Air 11
inch). I'm looking at single page table. zoomend in (making it readable).
Seeing only half a page (or less). I want to a add a new row, between the
existing ones. 
(a) Clicking on the 'add row below' doesn't seem to work; no visual change
(b) I have two swipe to the new row. Which can be hard if the table cell is
rather large (key down will work for keyboard, but not for other swipe only
(c) I sometimes want to add a few rows (say 5), so I click on add a new row
multiple times. I can't actually how many a added; I have to really count the
(d) A non argument: It's a bit of a workaround for the table autosave jumping
bug. You have to restart of swiping for the freshly added row if the autosave
kicks in while swiping..

Another reason I noticed it is because quite a lot of programs do scroll. For
example Google Docs, Microsoft Word.

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