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--- Comment #7 from Heiko Tietze <> ---
List handling is one of the major topics not only in Writer. Results from a
usability test at the city of Nantes shows shortcomings including the selection
of list items. And while the proposal in (->
"Copy/paste of list items") is about to select from directly after the bullet
point, it would be great when the whole line is selected on click at 'the area
left of it'. Just the bullet point itself might be too small in most cases-
take MSO as example how uncomfortable the click on bullet is. 

The selection includes everything until the text in the next line today (with a
step), but you can also select just the text of one line. In the first variant
cut/paste (or drag and drop) moves the whole line, the second keeps the bullet
alive. To achieve the same we ideally get a virtual character at the line end
that can be added or deleted to the selection. In case of normal text you get a
selection to either the last character or right edge of the paragraph.

MSO works differently and doesn't select the line (there is no click to
select). And it lacks on feedback. So please don't take MSO as an example here
and change the cursor from crDefault to a horizontal hand pointer.

Last but not least, the behavior of lists must not diverge further. So any
change should work on all modules.

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