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--- Comment #9 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
Yes, as I've been saying. I have little trouble that a deck or content panels
can shrink/open at less that its minimum width (i.e. a sum of widths of widgets
and labels) and have widgets hidden. That is a helpful feature of the Sidebar,
which by the way is exactly the behavior of Toolbars.

What still needs to be implemented for Sidebar is a button control on the Title
bar of each Deck to snap that deck to its calculated minimum, while allowing
the _all_ decks to expand/contract (and holding that width while switching Deck
to Deck) to a users preferred width while working on a document, and make the
GUI consistent.

As implemented Gallery, Styles, Transitions, Animations, Decks/Content Panels
are correct! They each resize fully until collapse.

A number other decks modified with enforced minimums--e.g. Properties, Page,
Navigator (in Writer)--have all been _broken_ during implementation as they can
not be reduced in width to collapse. They are inconsistent and break the UI/UX.

To move this forward, suggest we:

1) set a dynamic minimum (widgets + labeling width--localized) for each deck 
2) provide a button control on the Deck Title bar to snap to that width 
3) restore the drag width to collapse for all decks to make the UI consistent

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