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(In reply to Howard Johnson from comment #54)

> No really, the more important bug I think, is that the LO source code is
> mostly too hard to work on.  

> MY QUESTION: Are code comment-only commits (i.e. comments w/o any code
> changes) welcome to the powers that be here?

I expect so. I expect the right place to discuss that is the development
mailing list at

> 2) As for THIS bug, and having used database report writers (plural)
> with CanGrow and CanShrink type features, I am definitely of the opinion
> that BOTH of these properties are required, not just AutoGrow, and need
> to be added to all controls.

Yes, the way I was suggesting this to be implemented is actually equivalent to
setting both "CanShrink" and "CanGrow". Setting it per-row can be done
relatively easily with the current infrastructure. Setting it per-control
requires a deeper redesign of report builder, or a new feature in ODT/Writer.
Report builder now "just" creates an ODT document, and Writer does all the
actual layouting. So per-control would require that *Writer* support the
feature of "autogrow" (which it calls "optimal row height") per cell, and not
only per row.

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