--- Comment #6 from Florian Reisinger <> ---
@4: The file would be irreversible damaged I the conversation was not

@5: We can only get problems when automatically saving to a new location:

 - space on disc can be full
 - user could not have permissions

Therefore I would prefer prompting the user on fileopen to convert the database
and save it in a new location.

However the transition from experimental to default is too quick. We should
wait a few releases (at least one) to stabilize the new database. 

Therefore I believe HSQLDB should not be removed yet, but in the short future.
Conversation in the next release should be triggered only manually (and should
result in a new file.

Such a drastic transition would scare users away not only from Base, but from
LibreOffice. This is even more probable when no backup of a file is created and
the file is destroyed....

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