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I totally agree with comment #6. I just want to point out some more problems.
Showing a warning if the migration didn't work or even before migrating is too
late, because the user has already updated LibreOffice, so he has no chance to
get at his data with that release. Surely, it is possible to do a parallel
installation, but many people will not know that or might not be able to do it
or simply give up, frustrated, and are lost for LibreOffice.
There has to be at least one release, say 6.0, where HSQLDB and Firebird run in
parallel, and informing the user that the database should be migrated to
Firebird for the future, but that he should first try it using a copy of his
database document.
Some might say that we have already had that period of parallel database
systems, but I am sure that most people will not have known that because you
could know about Firebird only if you had activated the experimental features,
or had read it somewhere, for example in Roberts Base handbook. I am using Bae
myself, with MariaDB when it's possible, but also with HSQLDB, but I haven't
yet tried Firebird, because I always heard it still was lacking functionality.
So I underline Florian's remark that the change is too quick.
But even an infobar in 6.0 when opening a database document with HSQLDB that
the database should be migrated to Firebird, because in 6.1 HSQLDB will no
longer be supported (the version nummbers only as an example) will not be
sufficient, there may be people updating from 5.4 to 6.1, they will never have
got that message.
I have no convincing proposal how to cope with this problem, yet, the only idea
I have for the moment is warning at the start of the installation describing
the problem and, if applicable, proposing to update first to the intermediate
version and test the migration before doing the second update. That's not very
All would be easier if someone could guarantee that the migration to Firebird
will always work, but who would be able to do that? Robert's experience shows
that we are far away from that.

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