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Firebird has been experimental the whole time. 
Nobody should add a new feature like "Firebird not experimental - Automatic
HSQLDB-migration" during an update from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4. No depecation-note
should be made from one 6.0 to another. This updates are for bugfixes, not for
new features.

I have tried a little bit with the migration and LO Thanks to
Drew Jensen to try this first. Many bugs appear. Many parts won't be migrated
(views, relationships ...) Tables won't be created, if relationships are
declared in a HSQLDB-database.

The migration is very experimental!

I have have written about bugs in Base since over 7 years. Open Base-bugs I
reported are 74 at this moment. 
I have written the Base-Handbook and many users will contact me for help with
there databases.
I haven't heard anything about an automatic migration from a working HSQLDB to
an experimental Firebird-DB.

I haven't informed myself at special developer-lists and was very surprised
when Alex wrote about this problem in Global users-list and German

The expected next step should be:
Firebird shouldn't be an experimental feature in 6.1
Then we will have a look for the incoming bugs. Firebird has to be a better
solution than HSQLDB. If it isn't we couldn't explain users why we should
change from one to the other. 
Next step in 6.2 could be to offer a migration.
Last step in 6.3 should be to change from HSQLDB to Firebird.

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