--- Comment #24 from Gerhard Weydt <> ---
I think we all agree that the presently communicated concept for the
change-over from HSQLDB to Firebird - which I hope all will accept as necessary
in the long run - is much more convincing than what we understood from the bits
of information we had got (the information policy could have been better).

Now those of us that are concerned with HSQL databases and have more knowledge
than "simple" users should intensively test Firebird and the migration program
and report our findings, in order that the migration, when it will be in
effect, should be easy, secure and complete, as far as it is possible, for all
users, and hence be accepted as a positive step even by those users who might
not care for the reasons behind the screen.

- The discusion I followed was in the german discuss and in this bug. How will
the international community be involved?
- Where can we report? Please define some address to collect these reports, so
that Tamás can use the information to improve his migration program (and maybe
there are also possible enhancements for Firebird within LibO).

I will test with my databases, and I am also willing to test again and again
with newer versions of LibO, if asked. I am a fan of databases, and I will do
much to maintain Base as a useful tool.

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