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I am very happy about changes happening in the right direction. The statement
below still is true.

On the one hand we still have a few months until it will be fixed. But as
databases are a complex system, I still believe that this conversion should be

This could be because of the shock it left as so many (nearly everything
[relationships, views]) has been broken when we got asked to test this.


If LibreOffice was built for developers, I would advise you to submit that on
Stackoverflow and the problem would not be that big.

Without knowing exactly what problems can be detected by the return code of
Firebird   this might be even more beneficial.

But this approach ist strictly against our users. I would feel bad for
LibreOffice as I guess that loads of people will stop using LibreOffice because
of this.

In fact LibreOffice is an end user software.

If we know it is working flawlessly, it should happen with a dialog like it has
been presented. (or a similar one "in this version of LibreOffice the database
needs to be migrated... "Migrate / Close"

If we think it is the way moving forward, bit know major flaws (feature parity
to HSQLDB is not present) it must not be enabled by default. Depending on the
maturity of the conversion it might be a "Migrate / Delay" dialog, but prior to
this the conversion should not be advertised too much.

TL;DL: Many user are not capable of finding / reading ("understanding the
language") or executing ("how to unzip / with which editor should that file be
opened") therefore having an "Migrate / Later" will either trigger "migrate, I
need to get something done" or a few times clicking "later" and than giving up
and clicking "migrate". Many user won't read the dialog. For end users we
should enable it without dialog, if and only if we are very confident
everything is working. Prior to that it should be an experimental feature (the
automatic conversion, not the database itself) and in that case does not need
an dialogue as well as users must opt-in.

My major problem is: Very few things (tables without relations) are working.
But a database without foreign key constraints is no real database. And that
cannot be converted. In the current state this is not ready to ship as
an"enabled by default" feature.

I am not saying "no", I am saying "not just now"

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