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In Keynote you can still add and edit figures off-screen on the full canvas,
similarly to Draw, if you zoom out sufficiently. The only difference is that
when zoomed in you are limited to scrolling the display area and not the full
canvas (same for Powerpoint).

I agree that for LO Draw there is an advantage to being able to scroll over the
whole canvas when zoomed in, as it is usual to prepare figures outside the
display area and one is typically working on a single figure.

For a presentation program though, where you are regularly quickly shifting
between a large number of slides, and editing off-screen figures is less
common, that is a poor user interface due to the ease of shifting slides off
the display area when dragging text boxes etc.  I use both LO Impress and OSX
Keynote and Powerpoint regularly to prepare lectures and Keynote and Powerpoint
feel much more fluid and stable to me, due to this issue (particularly as LO
Draw is slower with a large number of slides).

I agree there may be some benefit to having consistency of UI between LO Draw
and LO Impress, but I think they are quite different applications and could
benefit from having different defaults in this case.

> Created attachment 141383 [details]
> ODF presentation with Draw objects positioned off the slide
> While Presentation's slide object (or Draw's page) has an active display
> size (or print area)--the entire canvas is exposed to hold Draw objects.
> Impress (or Draw) scrollbars are linked to the full extent of the canvas in
> memory--not to the display/print size.
> See the attached presentation for an example, and to understand why the
> scroll bars must extend beyond slide/page settings to include the entire
> canvas.
> Some potential to limit the active edit area to just the slide (or page);
> but that has never been the OOo, or LibreOffice way--many folks would see it
> as a regression.
> =>WF

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