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(In reply to A.Holtsmark from comment #9)
> "What is the effect of Tools > Options > Writer > Printing ... "Print
> automatically inserted blank pages" for your case?"
> -This setting is of little relevance.
> It does not affect the way the document reacts to viewing settings, and it

correct, that is what I wrote.

> changes nothing to the pdf export. 

There is the same option in PDF export.

> My problem is one of editing, not printing.

You also wrote that it is a problem that in published documents, too many pages
needs to be replaced because of this option influencing page numbering..
So that is confusing.

But the request is to have an option to not have the automatic inserted blank
pages, with as consequence that in a printed book at one moment right pages
have odd numbers, and at another position even numbers?

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