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(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #15)
> The navigation toolbar contains of uno.NavigateBack and uno.NavigateForward

Right, the commands on the Navigation toolbar control (navmgr) a dedicated
shell (navsh) that includes multiple 'cursor objects' (SwUnoCursor) set for
multiple objects on Writer canvas including reminders as set here. 

Alternatively, the Navigator is modal, and its displayed button actions depend
on the selection made from its Navigation dialog. When placed into 'Reminder'
mode, it gets those specific button actions.

For Navigator each mode type gets its own stack--with its own set of movement
actions. For the Navigation toolbar, the modes are all merged, and the shell
has awareness of its position on its stack.

The issues here of customization to drop a 'Reminder' we shouldn't conflate its
simple action(s) with problems in either the Navigation toolbar or the
Navigator deck.

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