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A. Not covered: each presentation must be run in fullscreen
B. Not covered: It's really impractical. I have to move the mouse between the
screens and I waste too much time stumbling so the conversation gets lost.

C & D. It's hard, when you're standing explaining, having to go back to the
table, to the PC, to the mouse, interrupt the conversation and look for where
to move the mouse to change slides on which projector. I have already tried the
advice you gave and immediately abandoned it at the first conference. Very
unconfortable for my purposes.

I'll tell you how I made do for the moment

For now I'll make do by launching virtual machines each with a presentation and
a laser pointer attached via USB pass-through. Each virtual machine is in full
screen on a different projector. So I have, for example, three laser pointers
with three projectors with which I change the slides on the projector that
interests me from time to time. Plus in the main notebook screen I can see the
image of each 3 projector, (how?) using VNC or RDP connected to the virtual

The purpose of my request was to be able to do everything without using virtual
machines. So less hardware requirements, cheaper notebook, less power,...

Let's say that I am quite satisfied with the solution I adopt above with VM,
but I would like Impress to offer all of this, or at least part of it, already
by itself.

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