--- Comment #3 from Eyal Rozenberg <> ---
I sometimes sort ranges with column headers/labels and sometimes columns which
don't have them.

Long story short:

I OPPOSE option A, since IMHO it's more difficult to notice that
non-column-headers have been misplaced, than to notice the column headers have
been misplaced.

I SUPPORT option B, i.e. a persistent default choice.

I OPPOSE option C, but not on principle, just as exceeding the scope of this
bug. I would expect a separate bug about other contexts, unless you can
demonstrate that it's the same issue in specific other contexts.

I WEAKLY OPPOSE option D, since I don't want to go look for preferences to
choose my sort options. But I don't mind if that existed _also_ in the

As for Brian's suggestion, of applying an intelligent heuristic instead of a
fixed preference - that would be nice, if someone were to implement it; but
perhaps that merits a separate bug, or at least - let option B be implemented
as soon as possible, and a heuristic could be a potential extra. Perhaps a
project for new developers?

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