Hi Karl, let me forward that to our dev list, so others have the
opportunity to chime in -

generally, you'll see that, once initial steps are made, other
people will start to show up & help. IIRC there was previous
interest, at least for building on openindiana.

As for where to start:


(i.e. grab the git repos, install the prerequisites)

You'll hit a few bumps for sure, the best place for ~immediate help
then is irc: #libreoffice-dev

Also, you may find helpful tips here:


Please let us know how this works out,

HTH, Thorsten

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Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 09:54:27 +0200
From: Karl Behler - IPP - E1 <karl.beh...@ipp.mpg.de>
Subject: Re: [tdf-discuss] LibreOffice 3.3.3 binaries for Solaris SPARC and
        Solaris X86

Dear Thorsten,

we at our institute have the platforms required available (SPARC and
X86), we also on a regular basis maintain our Solaris OS and Solaris
compilers, also we do a little software development (mostly in C), but
nobody of us was ever involved in such a huge PD project. In fact we
are mostly occupied with administrative and maintenance stuff. Would
you think, we (in fact I) have a chance to take over the duties you
mentioned? At the beginning I could try to make LO from source and
find out if that works. However, if there will be some problems I
probably would need a lot of help.

Any advice, where to start with???



On 30.06.11 09:14, Thorsten Behrens wrote:
> Karl Behler wrote:
>> I have been redirected from LibreOffice Forum (DE) to this list.
>> My question is: Why is LO 3.3.3 not available for Solaris (any)?
>> Or will it be available at some time?
> Hi Karl,
> every platform LibreOffice ships on needs a team of motivated
> people, that
>   * regularly build it on that platform
>   * are willing to fix bugs
>   * ultimately provide release builds
> So far, nobody stepped up for Solaris - maybe it can be you?
> If you're interested in helping out, our developer list is the right
> place to go: libreoffice@lists.freedesktop.org
> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten

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