Our code to detect what Java versions there are on a machine and "cleverly"
choose the right one is really sad and over-engineered. Something in there
goes wrong when building LibreOffice on OS X 10.10 with the latest Oracle
JDK (1.8.0_25) installed.

The CppunitTest_dbaccess_dialog_save fails and you get an asynchronous
dialog window (i.e. the unit test program does not wait for the dialog to
be dismissed) with the unhelpful and presumably quite misleading message
'To open "this Java application" you need to install the legacy Java SE 6
runtime'. I did spend a little time (like a few hours) debugging this in
the weekend but didn't figure out the root cause. But I was once again
appalled by the code in there, in jvmfwk.

For now, until somebody fixes this, it is best to use --without-java
instead of trying to build with Java 1.8 on OS X 10.10, I guess. Possibly
the same holds for Java 1.8 on earlier OS X versions.

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