I'm a bit puzzled by code using what is almost a complete list of all
platforms running X11 to define some features:

#if defined DBG_UTIL || defined SUN || defined LINUX || defined FREEBSD || \
    defined NETBSD || defined OPENBSD || defined DRAGONFLY
                nProperties_ |= PROPERTY_FEATURE_Maximize;

Am I right in interpreting the above list as "everything but AIX" ? Non-X11
platforms such as MacOSX don't count in this case.

We also have some code dedicated to finding the origin of different X11
implementations and working around their bugs (grep for GetServerVendor).

Among it, there is a whole XFree86-related section which I suspect is no
longer relevant: the last XFree86 release is dated from 2008 and the project
itself appears to be dead.
There is no specific code for Xorg and given its history, it should have had
the same problems as XFree. Since no one has complained, I suspect the
problems it fixed are not even relevant today. They were bit order issues
on 8-bit displays.

If nobody gives me a reason not to in the next days, I plan to remove both
the useless #if defined list and the whole XFree section.

Francois Tigeot
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