Ashod Nakashian wrote:
> This is a point I'd like to address. At certain times jenkins acts
> up and fails builds randomly.
Sure, happens (and sometimes master is broken on certain platforms) -
but as I said, just rebase your patch then to force a new
build. Perhaps check, if all platforms are
green before.

> I make every effort to submit only patches that fully build _and_ work.
Careful with those absolutes
(c.f. ;)

> I spend a tremendous amount of time to test and commit the bare
> minimum change (sometimes not all changes are necessary to fix an
> issue and can be a distraction in reviewing/bisecting/etc, so I
> remove them).
That is definitely good advise.

> So again I'm confused: how should I make it clear that my patches
> aren't experiments rather they are of reasonably high-quality and
> ready for serious review?
So I think that's a non-issue here, I wouldn't overly bother (also
c.f. your 'frequent rebase' statement). See also Norbert's answer for
why things might be a bit slower currently, and my tip on how to poke
individual reviewers for a conversation.


-- Thorsten

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