New branch 'private/bubli/lhm-4-1-6-backports' available with the following 
commit 9531d6f899cdff7cc143f9935cfb88a16adffff9
Author: Thorsten Behrens <>
Date:   Mon Aug 17 10:40:44 2015 +0200

    Validate and re-indent mailmerge speedup fix
    Seems on master, e0ad036eed6b151ea81311fcf9ba46f1726b103c was
    mis-merged, fixed by Caolan via
    af8f938531909122ff7a056c2206af857324fdf3. It's actually correct here,
    just the indent was off.
    Change-Id: I457150cbebd09b7f1663f03a9ca144ca47532145

commit 8f8d70070f437d37bdcb827faa1ea99c82dbd09f
Author: Thorsten Behrens <>
Date:   Thu Aug 13 17:17:22 2015 +0200

    tdf#44388: handle the NULL clip correctly for pdf output
    With the rework to use basegfx polygon clipping (a334752), the case
    'fully clipped away', aka NULL clip, aka nothing visible, stopped
    Manifests itself as an empty clip polygon, but with m_bClipRegion being
    true. Explicitely write out as zero-surface clip polygon.
    i#65128 is related.
    Change-Id: I57389fcd057d75dfa4e0de9ebb86794437c70b55
    (cherry picked from commit 86b47f5138c0c5b882359a48052a796bc91a5afb)

commit 17b50306f2dc637ec704996e205bf3029ebe70c1
Author: Katarina Behrens <>
Date:   Thu Aug 13 13:38:29 2015 +0200

    tdf#92256: Don't force CalcA1 syntax on all !Microsoft xlsx docs
    in other words, don't override user's configuration of string ref
    Change-Id: I58e6d1fbc67ce11299dd0a61d8057d39652a1bb6

commit d63d83f95c36d4db3817ea78bf5d0cd3e687de58
Author: Katarina Behrens <>
Date:   Thu Aug 13 13:33:55 2015 +0200

    tdf#92256: Save ref syntax when different from native one
    that is, CalcA1 for ODF and ExcelA1 for OOXML
    Change-Id: Ibbfd58aad7513bc9e946be26d4aec685c5896708

commit 48940f96532febfd8985bc0811d48942d4b990a7
Author: Katarina Behrens <>
Date:   Thu Aug 13 13:25:14 2015 +0200

    tdf#92256: Make sure ref syntax of Excel docs gets saved
    SetStringRefSyntax guarantees that, as it sets also ScCalcConfig ->
    mbHasStringRefSyntax to true
    Change-Id: Ibe7ec017dcaedbd5f7d6e02e2774be5046439c36

commit eedb1608870a74af2570a061b88ae0b2d602c5df
Author: Markus Mohrhard <>
Date:   Tue May 19 02:24:30 2015 +0200

    use XL_A1 as ref string syntax for excel produced documents
    Change-Id: Ieed3521674ef713d9c09313cd41d1edd6ba3dcc5

commit ecaa5447d6f52fa231883bed33582148464615df
Author: Markus Mohrhard <>
Date:   Mon Feb 23 02:19:32 2015 +0100

    import the document properties before the document
    That allows us to potentially change the import depending on the
    producer of the document.
    This becomes necessary to handle MSO 2007 chart drawingml streams
    Change-Id: I9be8b019fae69cd206203591982a89648965692f

commit 0fa5a941f9e872e5230d4bff609ead0706c51479
Author: Katarina Behrens <>
Date:   Mon Jul 27 15:12:26 2015 +0200

    tdf#92256: Improved interop of INDIRECT function, OOXML part
    Change-Id: I46bb65fb620c376d43d8a53396c7b0bab1c00c7a

commit b469180dc07d4b0bbd3c303fc2160cb0e2dd4171
Author: Katarina Behrens <>
Date:   Mon Jul 27 13:36:34 2015 +0200

    tdf#92256: Improved interop of INDIRECT function
    backport of core/interpreter changes and ODF export/import
    Change-Id: Ibac7aed67edaf524e5c594d12aa0abefe465baea

commit 5f366715a0cb8b23d025515db44733702ef19486
Author: Eike Rathke <>
Date:   Fri Mar 14 23:00:25 2014 +0100

    some formula interpreter options are document specific
    Ideally they'd even be stored as document options. Future work?
    Change-Id: Ida126a441ca88c35406fb66ea3722d6335e6e8e2

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