Jack wrote:
> Due my slow internet connection, I am unable to upload my patches
> the regular way, so i am sending you my work in the
> attachment.
Hi Jack,

unfortunately no attachments made it through with your email.

> The file "fix.cxx" contains only the two functions, the file
> "PropertyMap.cxx" contains the whole patched file.
> The docx-files are my test cases, they look different in LibreOffice
> than in Word. Failure_2 should be fixed with my patch.
Please commit your changes locally, and extract them from git via 'git
format-patch -1'.

> These files may be used under any licence.
To expedite matters, the much preferred way is to use stock wording
for licensing. Please see
for examples & howto.

Thanks a lot,

-- Thorsten

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