> Hyperlinks in theese two location was wrong (as I already explaind in
> the bugreport):
> gsf cat buggy.doc WordDocument  # (I guess this is where FormFields are 
> located)
> gsf cat buggy.doc Data
> This was right:
> gsf cat buggy.doc DocumentSummaryInformation
> And that's what your patch is using. If LibreOffice would use anything
> else for this docs, it would be wrong. So if you change it again, I
> can not use it.
> Harald, can you confirm that this patch fixes the problem for your docs too?

I would like to confirm, that Knut's patch would solve a serious problem
we have to face at the Munic Limux Project converting *.doc documents
with hyperlinks to ODF. At the moment our only workaround is to use the
MSO buildin converter :-(  I really would prefer to use LO for this task
as soon as possible!!!     


Harald Kagerer

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