Hi Cor, all,

I jump to the point I would like to discuss:

> - development in the quality and the use of tools for testing
> - is attention in testing well spread over Windows / Linux / MacOS ?
> - are there other releases/tasks that need attention during that time ?
> - how many people are available for beta-RC testing and fixing bugs ?
>  e.g. the time of the year (Christmas, Western New year)
> - can we attract many people for beta-testing
>  (prize for the top-5 (clear, useful) issue submitting testers ?)

We need to change the way we involve the native-lang communities in
our testing process. They are currently a bit lost by the quick turn
over of the versions, but they are still willing to participate. So
may we could focus them on specific regression testing, or specific
functional testing that doesn't require a due short timeframe. I'm
just back this evening, but we are thinking about it with
Jean-Baptiste. I'll come later with a more formal proposal when
Jean-Baptiste and me will have discussed it further.

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