Chris Sherlock wrote:
> However, with the way things work currently what I have noticed is
> actually the thing that is using most space are the tag files. I
> don't quite know how to do things much better (have experimented a
> bit) but the script currently generates tag files and html for each
> module, then as each module is built it references the previously
> generated tag files for the previous modules. After the clew module
> is built I noticed that we start getting massive tag files, over
> 450MB of text.
> I was thinking maybe there might be a way of reworking the script to
> generate a tag file for each module first, then do another pass that
> generates the html from the tag files.
> I don't know if this is feasible: I'm no doxygen expert
> unfortunately. I got this idea from a comment from the doxygen
> creator though, which detailed on Stack Overflow:
This article addresses the speed of doxygen generation (by
parallelizing the tag file generation). The way it's described I'm
pretty sure you'll end up with the exact same size for the tag files,
just quicker. ;)


-- Thorsten

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