Aptitude Testing Team wrote:
> To fix this, I believe that it should be possible to copy
> cppcanvas/source/mtrenderer/emfplus.cxx into vcl/source/filter/wmf
> and adapt it to use "class WinMtfOutput"
I'd move it instead of copying. WinMtfOutput as-is won't cut it, you
need to extend it to cover more modern graphic operations. Caveat
emptor, that might require extensions to the internal StarView
metafile format then with some ripple-effects.

Another (IMO better) option is to convert it into a drawinglayer
primitive filter. Armin on Cc for further details on that topic.

> There was a comment in
> http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Query-about-the-direction-of-EMF-EMF-pr
> ocessing-td4132203.html#a4132247 by Thorsten that suggests there are further
> issues.
Nah, that was referring to dump cppcanvas - getting rid of EMF+ there
is a useful first step.


-- Thorsten

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