Nice work!

Some random low priority comments:

In "Just walk the task list once per timeout"
The evaluate_entry label doesn't make the code any easier to read.

In "Reorganize Scheduler priority classes"
 (1) you haven't used a consistent mapping from old to new - sometimes LOW
maps to HIGH_IDLE, sometimes HIGHEST maps to HIGH_IDLE. Perhaps there is a
reason for this?
(2) I would call HIGH_IDLE, either PRE_RESIZE or BEFORE_RESIZE, because
it's not any kind of IDLE anymore. I would call DEFAULT_IDLE just IDLE.

In "Handle all main loop and task events"
    -    bProcessedEvent = bProcessedEvent || bScheduledEevent;
    +    bProcessedEvent |= bScheduledEevent;

In "Run Idle tasks immediatly"
It occurs to me that when we get an overload condition, it would be very
helpful to dump the names of the current events.
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