oox/source/drawingml/chart/objectformatter.cxx |    8 ++++++++
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+)

New commits:
commit 3287bc2f91438085b7604773d5e0346fc3c3f452
Author: Jochen Nitschke <j.nitschke+loger...@ok.de>
Date:   Sat Sep 17 22:57:49 2016 +0200

    fix missing default ctor for ObjectTypeFormatEntry with MSVC
    MSVC can't create the default ctor (likely because members are pointers).
    deleting default ctor will trigger gcc (4.8) fault where aggregate
    initialization fails.
    create ctor which does same as aggregate initialization, this also
    prevents implicit creation of default ctor.
    Change-Id: Ica79c7404de240f38ad18100e6dbc25f1b427960
    Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/28981
    Reviewed-by: Jochen Nitschke <j.nitschke+loger...@ok.de>
    Reviewed-by: Luke Deller <l...@deller.id.au>
    Tested-by: Luke Deller <l...@deller.id.au>

diff --git a/oox/source/drawingml/chart/objectformatter.cxx 
index b32cd56..73c24da 100644
--- a/oox/source/drawingml/chart/objectformatter.cxx
+++ b/oox/source/drawingml/chart/objectformatter.cxx
@@ -507,6 +507,14 @@ struct ObjectTypeFormatEntry
     const AutoFormatEntry* mpAutoFills;     /// Automatic fill formatting for 
all chart styles.
     const AutoTextEntry* mpAutoTexts;       /// Automatic text attributes for 
all chart styles.
     bool                mbIsFrame;          /// True = object is a frame, 
false = object is a line.
+    inline ObjectTypeFormatEntry(ObjectType eObjType, const ShapePropertyInfo& 
+                                 const AutoFormatEntry* pAutoLines,
+                                 const AutoFormatEntry* pAutoFills,
+                                 const AutoTextEntry* pAutoTexts,
+                                 bool bIsFrame)
+        :meObjType(eObjType), mrPropInfo(rPropInfo), mpAutoLines(pAutoLines)
+        ,mpAutoFills(pAutoFills), mpAutoTexts(pAutoTexts), mbIsFrame(bIsFrame)
+    {} // prevent creation of implicit default ctor which fails in MSVC
 #define TYPEFORMAT_FRAME( obj_type, prop_type, auto_texts, auto_lines, 
auto_fills ) \
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