El 15/09/16 a les 17:06, Michael Meeks ha escrit:
    + Keywords - what is their meaning ?

      + NeedsDevEval vs. needAdvise

      + used randomly apparently.

        => prefer needsDevEval

      => replace all needAdvise -> needsDevEval.

|| ||

||    + UNCONFIRMED: 813||

         + up 100 over the last two weeks.

||        + enhancements: 90||

||        + needsUXEval: 52||

||    + needsDevEval at 73||

|| ||

     + needsDevEval - looking at (JanI)

         + if not an easy-hack, and multiple ways to solve a problem.

         + needs a core dev to say: "this problem should be solved in XYZ

         + easy hacks shouldn't contain needsDevEval ? (Xisco)

             + if missing code pointers, set to NEEDINFO

             + ping people to provide pointers on NEEDINFOs (JanI

After the meeting, Jan, Beluga and I had a long conversation in IRC with regards to needAdvise/needsDevEval keywords and we arrive to the following conclusions:

- needAdvise: Used when help from developers in needed to confirm an UNCONFIRMED bug. Info: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Bugzilla/Fields/Keywords#needAdvice.
        * Problem 1: Name is confusing.
            + Action: Rename it to 'needsConfirmationAdvise'
        * Problem 2: No New or resolved bugs should use it.
            + Action: Clean it up and create a new gardening task.

- needsDevEval: Should be used when a plausible easyhack lacks the code pointer, the difficulty, the topic or the skill and a developer needs to provide the information missing. * Problem 1: It has been used to propose easyhacks over the last months. + Action: Update the wiki accordingly: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Bugzilla/Fields/Keywords#needsDevEval and https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/EasyHacks/Creating_a_new_Easy_Hack

        * Problem 2: Name is confusing.
            + Action: Rename it to 'needsEasyHackValidation'

* Problem 3: The combination of NEEDINFO + easyhack has been used instead. NEEDINFO should only be used when feedback from the bug reporters is needed. + Action: Change all NEEDINFO + easyhack to 'needsEasyHackValidation'

        * Problem 4: 476 bugs use the keyword 'needsDevEval' nowadays.
+ Action: Evaluate one by one to see whether they're actually an easyhack or not. If so, change 'needsDevEval' keyword to 'easyhack' and if possible, add the topic, code pointer, skill and difficulty. Adding Jan as CC helps too. In case the topic, the code pointer, the skill or the difficulty couldn't be provided for lack of knowledge, Jan could help on that as he's monitoring all easyhacks. If he couldn't, then the 'needsEasyHackValidation' keyword should be used.

NOTE: In order to propose new easyhacks, the same procedure as in Problem 4 should be followed.

Feel free to ask if you have any question.


Xisco Faulí
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