On 20/09/16 13:46, Caolán McNamara wrote:
There was a commit (2a19bb85cbe83aa031871a3689b9ff03629da548) last year
wrt to hidpi and gtk3. I assume that hidpi isn't just working correctly
right out of the box, right ? Do you know what we should be doing here

The initial problem was that gtk3 detected HiDPI correctly, however it reported the DPI as 96 and has an additional scale factor parameter for a window if it is scaled (gdk_window_get_scale_factor). It also scaled the windows surface by 2 - which means the content was blurry and not really usable.

As we scale depending on DPI value I adjusted that by multiplying our stored DPI with scale factor that gtk3 reported and disabled window scaling in gtk3 (the commit). With this it works about the same as gtk2 for me. The only problem I know that is related to gtk3 is that the file dialog isn't scaled correctly - not fonts, only icons and whitespace.

OTOH, LO isn't scaled correctly when it is running with gtk3 under wayland but I didn't look into that. I wanted to research what Firefox sets when they detect HiDPI and use their solution as they have the same problem as we do (they draw widgets and other window content themselves).

Regards, Tomaž
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