On 11/28/2016 05:08 AM, William Kent wrote:
On April 3rd, 2016, I (William Kent) registered an account on the
LibreOffice bugzilla. I used this account to create bug #99054,
entitled "Distribution on Windows Store using Project Centennial." I
have not accessed my account since then, because I was pursuing other
interests. I have since decided to return to work on this bug, but
have found that I now have no record of my username for access to the
bugzilla. However, I do know it is either wjk011 <at> gmail, wjk <at>
sunsol <dot> me, or a variation on the former. (I have tried
wjk011+libreoffice <at> gmail, but to no avail. The value between the
+ and the at sign could be anything, however.) I would be very
appreciative if someone could log into bugzilla and email the address
that originally filed bug #99054 to this address. If this is done, I
can then reset my password using the email address.

sent him a mail

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