New branch 'feature/sw-delete-undo-rework' available with the following commits:
commit d02333d3e9376ccd978c9f954a64e351acc342d5
Author: Rosemary Sebastian <>
Date:   Mon Jul 17 16:31:36 2017 +0530

    tdf#109151: Enable grouping of undo actions for delete redlines
    Change-Id: I74183e5df58d8d0c5e892182f545a5ff17eb7936

commit 8345aeea1e5a38b3a1151fbc2b141ead577bfb2f
Author: Rosemary Sebastian <>
Date:   Sat Jul 22 17:28:42 2017 +0530

    tdf#109272: Correct the cursor position for selection delete ...
    ... with Backspace, in change-tracking.
    Change-Id: I3b7d393fc342c296c5ead8e0463fcc5325cbd606

commit bd37233020266a5892d6ec7022688e3dfb9cef75
Author: Rosemary Sebastian <>
Date:   Sat Jul 22 15:24:45 2017 +0530

    tdf#109267: Fix crash during undo of delete inside redline insert
    Change-Id: I070ce600c10f469b914cc1d6c036a55f33dc9529

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