On 08/02/2017 03:12 PM, Christian Lohmaier wrote:
On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 1:18 PM, Tor Lillqvist <t...@iki.fi> wrote:
But we have traditionally strongly advised against polluting one's build
environment on macOS with Homebrew and similar. Has this changed?

No, has not changed.
Homebrew, Fink, darwinports of whatever they are called  pollute the
environment, can cause broken builds.
If you use homebrew or other systems like that you're on your own.

What I use is a from-source installation of MacPorts, configured with --prefix=... and --with-no-root-privileges so that it doesn't pollute the system, and then explicitly pointing LO to whatever is needed from that MacPorts installation, e.g. by setting MSGFMT=... and MSGUNIQ=... in autogen.input.
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