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On 19/02/18 15:53, Apurva Pavaskar wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to ask a couple of questions :
> -Building any huge software like LibreOffice, should I prefer compiling it 
> from
> a TTY  rather than a GUI interface, or is it not affected by that?

There would be no significant difference really. What exactly do you mean by GUI
interface to compile LibreOffice? IIRC, you are on Linux, right?

> -100% CPU usage on all cores for the whole duration of the compile.....is this
> normal?

Yeah, that's normal. If that's too much for you (LO stealing the interactivity
in your computer), you can use `-jN` flag to `make` to control how much of yours
cores are used to compile LibreOffice. So, on your 4 core machine, `make -j2`
might help keeping your computer interactive.

> - As I am compiling on my laptop, will I have any issues with the CPU
> overheating or stuff?

Probably not (as you are done with your first build). But if it happens, as I
mentioned above, `make -jN` is your friend.

> -I also had some doubts about how gerrit works exactly. Can we discuss that 
> on IRC?

Sure thing. Though make sure you read this[1] as well. You might find your
answers here already.

> And, as a side note, I have already competed my LibreOffice build, and I am
> going to start off and try on some of the Easy Hacks :)
> -Also, do we have to do anything more after 'make' or is that it? I am 
> guessing
> that it is enough, as the build is working.

`make check` to be sure things in your build are working as expected.

[1] https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/gerrit

Pranav Kant

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