On 22.02.2018 16:13, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Stephan Bergmann, on jeu. 22 févr. 2018 15:49:40 +0100, wrote:
That's four different ways how to build external/lxml, and slightly more
different ways (using the system lxml versus external/lxml) how to run the
gla11y tool in solenv/gbuild/UIConfig.mk.  And getting all those ways to
work, on the different platforms, will be hell.
(and the current building issue reported in gerrit 50115 is merely that
the current LO python3 module doesn't install any header file or such)

...and that's only the start, I guess. :) I have e.g. no idea whether/how it's possible to tell that lxml setup.py which libxml2/libxslt to use. (And whether e.g. the external/{libxml2,libxslt} case will require some extra scaffolding at the calling site of gla11y in UIConfig.mk.)

Just be warned. ;)

Isn't there another option to make that gla11y tool process XML data, one
that better matches LO's needs?

Well, we can reimplement the world for sure.

More seriously, we can of course at least depend only on libxml2. Not
depending on a higher-level library, however, means to have to
reimplement all the tree browsing functions needed to reach the pieces
of .ui files.  And avoiding python means, writing all of this in C?
That's neither fun nor easy to extend for further .ui checking.  The
eventual script we plan to integrate is only about 300 lines of python.
I'm scared by the maintenance of the equivalent without using python and
lxml more than maintenance of building lxml.

I was more hoping that there might be an established plain Python option for XML processing?

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