Hi Aditya,


you write:
> 1) I have registered twice on the developer mailing list, but didn't
> receive the confirmation e-mail both the times.
Added you now.

> 2) In the last step of building the codebase for Android (on
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/BuildingForAndroid), it
> instructs to "...Create a file called autogen.input with a single line in
> it...". Could you please clarify what is the single line to be put in it?
> The wiki doesn't specify that clearly.
So how does your line look like (and did you try to build with it)? ;)

> 3) The app doesn't run on my device: I downloaded it from the PlayStore.
> But directly opening the app shows an activity which doesn't lead to any of
> the sub-parts (like it does on the PC version). I have attached the
> screenshot of the activity with the error Toast message.
No attachment made it over to this list. At any rate, you'll need to
load a document first to get more UI I guess...

In general, the app does work; if not on your particular device, then
surely in the emulator (which is probably a better choice for hacking
on it anyway). So that shouldn't be a blocker.

In closing, please be a bit more proactive in working yourself into
LibreOffice development; the expectation is that you read available
documentation, and then start doing stuff as you understand it; once
you hit a problem you cannot solve by yourself after trying for a
while, come back here or on irc for help.


-- Thorsten

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