On 06.03.2018 16:13, Olivier Hallot wrote:
The task looks simple: once the new help is built (--with-help=html),
the help files are available in core/instdir/help/6.1 so it must take
the 6.1/ folder and make a package, which is as simple as zipping it. Of
course, replace '6.1' by %PRODUCTVERSION.

Looks odd to me that the help content would be stored in the LO instset under a %PRODUCTVERSION dir. Any given LO instset will only contain help content for the given LO version, anyway, I assume?

(If, for example, some subset of the help content would happen to remain identical across two subsequent LO versions, then intelligent update processes could exploit that and leave that part of the LO installation alone. If, however, there is an artificial difference because of a path change from .../6.1/... to .../6.2/..., that only makes the intelligent update process's job harder.)
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