Hello everyone,

I am a sophomore student persuing B.E. In Birla Institute of Technology &
Science Pilani.

I am exploring the LO code base since January and have merged a couple of
easyHacks too :)

I would like to work on the project idea " Implement interface for external
data source import into Calc
" in this summers as GSoC student.

As the currently available dialog imports data from other csv files and
html web pages.as the project is about extending the existing data
providers and data transformation.
I can think of data providers like a sql table that can be included to
it,please give some more information on what kind of data transformation is
referred here.

Also there are two dialogs doing the same thing here link to external data
dialog and data provider dialog, what are the use case of having two diff
dialogs? can't both be merged together?
A bit more info on project will be helpful.
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