it causes visual glitches, like comma faults, at least in the old help system.

So yes, I think so.

Assuming the most translation were done already correctly
it is also an opportunity to review own translations.

Otherwise there are just 2 clicks, no?

And it is not a long where it may "disturb" translators.
Once it is done, it is done. Except new strings of course.

And there don't come in a big bunch and I am also testing in the moment,
which are the best practices to get rid of some failures
and to make our help system and files more consistent.
I have no problems with abandoning my patches for good reasons.

It is a learning process for me too.

Am 07.04.2018 um 23:11 schrieb Martin Srebotnjak:

just one example from Gerrit 4 hours ago:
"vector graphics;converting bitmaps"
was changed to:
"vector graphics; converting bitmaps"
See: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/52546/2/source/text/simpress/guide/vectorize.xhp

Is that "missing space" an error? Not. What does this change cause? It causes 100+ translations of that string obsolete, fuzzy, untranslated, not shown in builds ... And 100+ localizers must again localize, check, edit this same string ...

Is this kind of editing/"cleaning-up" of help really useful/desired? Not.

Lp, m.

2018-04-07 22:01 GMT+02:00 Martin Srebotnjak <mi...@filmsi.net <mailto:mi...@filmsi.net>>:


    And now the Babilon tower is open to all ...
    For years I was asking for a kind of a review process for all new
    strings in UI/help and for the editing process. So someone
    overlooks all the changes going in and stops the ones that seem
    unfit (in langague or technical sense), thus reducing the
    repetitive editing of same strings.

    Instead, now there is a possibility to edit everything even more
    "easily", with even less thinking about it before it is done.

    So now we might see a surge in help changes that make many l10n
    projects quite vulnerable, and most probably several edits of same
    strings in a row (a documenter reminding oneself that another
    thing should be added or changed or edited, after it is already
    featured in git).

    Hopefully, this function is limited to master, because if this is
    available in "stable" versions, this will lead to havoc ...

    Lp, m.

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