New branch 'libreoffice-5-4-7' available with the following commits:
commit 6735fcb98549e05e69ecacb1e79a7576c107cec6
Author: Christian Lohmaier <>
Date:   Wed Apr 11 23:50:51 2018 +0200

    Branch libreoffice-5-4-7
    This is 'libreoffice-5-4-7' - the stable branch for the 5.4.7 release.
    Only very safe changes, reviewed by three people are allowed.
    If you want to commit more complicated fix for the next 5.4.x release,
    please use the 'libreoffice-5-4' branch.
    If you want to build something cool, unstable, and risky, use master.
    Change-Id: Id6b3ad23aa6d168e91dde91e78f95ca341cc0cb3

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