I have over time had a problem with make (iOS build). When I update my master 
repo and simply call “make” it works like a charm for osx, but I often get 
unresolved dependencies for iOS:

[build LNK] iOS dylib
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
  "ScNoteUtil::CreateNoteFromObjectData(ScDocument&, ScAddress const&, 
SfxItemSet*, OutlinerParaObject*, tools::Rectangle const&, bool, bool)", 
referenced from:
      XclImpNoteObj::DoPreProcessSdrObj(XclImpDffConverter&, SdrObject&) const 
in libscfiltlo.a(xiescher.o)
  "ScColumn::SetEditText(int, EditTextObject*)", referenced from:
      (anonymous namespace)::setSuffixCell(ScColumn&, int, int, unsigned short, 
rtl::OUString const&, CellType, bool) in libsclo.a(table4.o)
  "ScDocumentImport::setEditCell(ScAddress const&, EditTextObject*)", 
referenced from:
      oox::xls::WorksheetGlobals::insertHyperlink(ScAddress const&, 
rtl::OUString const&) in libscfiltlo.a(worksheethelper.o)
      oox::xls::WorksheetHelper::putRichString(ScAddress const&, 
oox::xls::RichString const&, oox::xls::Font const*) in 
      (anonymous namespace)::lclInsertUrl(XclImpRoot&, rtl::OUString const&, 
short, int, short) in libscfiltlo.a(xicontent.o)
 const&, vcl::Window*, svtools::RestartReason)", referenced from:
      (anonymous namespace)::lcl_tryLoadBibliography() in libsfxlo.a(appserv.o)
  "ScDocument::SetEditText(ScAddress const&, EditTextObject*)", referenced from:
      ScDocFunc::SetEditCell(ScAddress const&, EditTextObject const&, bool) in 
      ScDocument::TransliterateText(ScMarkData const&, TransliterationFlags) in 
      ScCellRangesBase::SetOnePropertyValue(SfxItemPropertySimpleEntry const*, 
com::sun::star::uno::Any const&) in libsclo.a(cellsuno.o)
      ScTransferObj::StripRefs(ScDocument*, short, int, short, int, 
ScDocument*) in libsclo.a(transobj.o)
      ScUndoReplace::Undo() in libsclo.a(undoblk3.o)
  "ScUndoEnterData::ScUndoEnterData(ScDocShell*, ScAddress const&, 
std::__1::allocator<ScUndoEnterData::Value> >&, rtl::OUString const&, 
EditTextObject*)", referenced from:
      ScDocFunc::SetNormalString(bool&, ScAddress const&, rtl::OUString const&, 
bool) in libsclo.a(docfunc.o)

This is from master today. When I do (in this case) “cd sc; make” it tells me 
there are nothing to build, but if I do “cd sc; make clean; make; cd ..; make” 
it links correctly, so it is as if the iOS build has somehow “shortcutted” the 

I have tried to find the relevant part in Solenv/gbuild but without success, so 
any idea/pointer are most welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Jan I.

Ps. I know I made the iOS port, but obviously something is missing between 
generating a full LO and generating LibreOfficeKit.
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