Hi Luke, hi Khaled,

the Win@42 box seems to be unhappy since Sunday, with the following

D:/lode/dev/core/test/source/diff/diff.cxx(268) : error : Assertion
Test name: SdImportTest::testDocumentLayout
double equality assertion failed
- Expected: 610
- Actual  : -237
- Delta   : 1e-08
- Reference: D:/lode/dev/core/sd/qa/unit/data/xml/n758621_1.xml
- Node: /XShapes/XShape[1]
- Attr: positionY

Which appears to correlate with this commits:

    e8d48dd75a1b  Fixup 23c5125148a8110d88385b29570bf0b7d4400458
    ab03a09745fe  Add more more dependencies to VCL makefiles
    4ad07c563e50  Make SalLayout overrides final

I've rebooted the box for good measure, no luck. Beyond that - Luke
had _some_ success reproducing layout issues, it seems to correlate
with Windows UI scaling. Note that the box is headless, and the
rdesktop default screen size is 800x600. Hope that rings any bell; any
further input (logs, trying some local patch, remote acces) - please
poke me!


-- Thorsten

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