Dear LibreOffice folks,

On ppc64le with Ubuntu 18.04 and latest LibreOffice from master one test fails.

$ uname -m
$ git describe --dirty
$ git log --oneline -1
23fa8a6ed053 (HEAD -> master) weld SvxCharPositionPage
$ ./ \
    --with-system-libatomic_ops \
    --with-system-libpng \
    --with-boost-system \
    --with-system-nss \
$ make
$ make check
[SCK] hyphen
/dev/shm/libreoffice-core/editeng/qa/unit/core-test.cxx:202:(anonymous namespace)::Test::testLineSpacing
equality assertion failed
- Expected: 122
- Actual  : 108

(anonymous namespace)::Test::testLineSpacing finished in: 214ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testConstruction finished in: 1ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testUnoTextFields finished in: 1ms
text is 201d
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testAutocorrect finished in: 5ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testHyperlinkCopyPaste finished in: 20ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testCopyPaste finished in: 9ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testMultiParaSelCopyPaste finished in: 9ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testTabsCopyPaste finished in: 12ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testHyperlinkSearch finished in: 6ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testBoldItalicCopyPaste finished in: 17ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testUnderlineCopyPaste finished in: 11ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testMultiParaCopyPaste finished in: 10ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testParaBoldItalicCopyPaste finished in: 12ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testParaStartCopyPaste finished in: 8ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testSectionAttributes finished in: 1ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testLargeParaCopyPaste finished in: 11ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testTransliterate finished in: 1ms
(anonymous namespace)::Test::testHoriAlignIgnoreTrailingWhitespace finished in: 0ms
Test name: (anonymous namespace)::Test::testLineSpacing
equality assertion failed
- Expected: 122
- Actual  : 108

Failures !!!
Run: 18   Failure total: 1   Failures: 1   Errors: 0

Kind regards,


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